Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

A Thing of Beauty has come to live at our house!

We found this antique rocking chair at Goodwill last weekend.  It was marked $50--which was a GREAT buy!  But it turned out that the whole store was about to close and move to a new location and so everything in the store was 50% off!  And since we had donated some stuff out of our garage earlier, they had given us a coupon for an additional 25% off!  We walked away with an antique oak rocker in fantastic condition for only $20!!!

It is made of beautiful quarter-sawn oak!

The lovely arms are smooth with wear.

The tips of the arms roll over gently into a carved scroll.

The seat has hand-tied springs that make for such a soft sitting!

The only thing missing is a little chunk of wood that has come unglued and fallen out at some point.

It should look like the other side.  A little triangular piece of wood that was glued on and then cut to the curved shape so the arm didn't have to be made out of quite such a large piece of wood.  I think I can carve a piece to replace it.

But in the meantime, this beautiful old rocker needs a nice reupholster!

I started by using my handy dandy tack puller---bought over 25 years ago when I reupholstered our first couch.  It has proved a useful tool on numerous occasions for numerous reasons!

The outer decorative tacks just hold on the trim.  Underneath are the tiny tacks that hold the cloth on the chair.

I was sure to put each and every tack into a bowl as I took them off.  They hide in the carpet and are NO FUN to step on.  This is the voice of experience.  

Looking a little naked---but not for long, you Regal Old Lady!

I broke out my blue velvet.  Bought at the Henredon furniture outlet store in North Carolina and still wrapped in the plastic from the movers---hauled with me each time we've moved!  Because it is just too beautiful!

The same blue velvet that I covered pillows with 10 years ago.

Using the old material as a pattern, I traced around it with some chalk.  

Then I cut roughly around my pattern---going quite a bit wider, so that I would have enough material to hold on to when I stretched and staple gunned it into place.

I laid the velvet over the seat and cut in diagonally on the corners to where my chalk corner lines were.

Folding the corners back on themselves, I carefully pulled the velvet around each corner leg of the chair.

Smoothed out the material, making a few adjustments and tiny clips in the corners until it set just right around each wooden corner leg.

I got out my handy dandy staple gun and went to work!

Pull and staple.  Pull and staple.  All the way around all 4 sides.

Trimmed off the excess cloth.

Added some trim back!

And Voila!  A beautiful chair in a perfect corner.

Just in time for this Little Man!

Who is bringing his parents and coming to live with us for a while!

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