Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ding Dong Doorbell's Done!!!

The new doorbell housing is DONE!!!

Yes, we could have just replaced the doorbell all together...but I really liked the sound it made (little hammers hitting real chimes!) and nothing new was that impressive.

But this plastic haunted house HAD TO GO!  It was scaring me!

I wanted to build something sort of "Old World" feel---to match the doors we have been refinishing and distressing.  

I had seen this old chest for sale on Ebay and that was my inspiration for the project.

 Because I am always an optimist and think new things are fun to try, I ordered up the cheapest set of carving tools I could find on Amazon.  I knew they wouldn't be great---but reviews said they at least were sharp to begin with!

I printed off a pattern for a "Tudor Rose" from a website named, "How to carve a Tudor rose."  We like to think our house has a Tudor feel to it.  And this seemed like a good first carving project.

I transferred the design onto my piece of wood.  I chose pine because I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to carve oak as my first project.  And Home Depot didn't have any other options for wood.

A video I watched on carving said to go around the outside of your design first with a small V tool.  I didn't have a small V, but I had a small U-shaped tool.  It seemed to work.

Next, I used a flat tool to "define the edge" of the design and then began removing wood slanting in towards the line I had made.

Starting at the outside and moving inward, I carved away at my little project for several days.  It was so much fun to feel the wood curling up under my tool.  It was almost addictive.  But it was also painful!  My elbows hurt terribly after a carving session.  And I developed blisters on my thumbs.  But as soon as I felt better, back I would go.  At night, I closed my eyes and saw curling wood in front of me.

Pretty soon, I was done!  It really looked like a flower!  Maybe not perfect---but pretty amazing to me!

I built a box, using the dimensions of the old plastic haunted house.  I even re-used a piece of metal that sits down into the doorbell mechanism at the back and holds everything on the wall.  It was a perfect fit!  And the chimes still could ring!

A little stain and a little distressing the wood and I was done!

It isn't perfect---and looks very much like the pine it is made out of---but I am happy with it!


Ding Dong!  Come Right In!

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