Thursday, March 31, 2016

Looking for Spring among the Remnants of Fall

It's March 31st and the woods are still a tangle of grey and dead branches.  The high yesterday was 47 degrees.  And that was a blessing!  This weekend might not make it out of the 30's.

But I have a new camera and I know there is life out there.  So I'm going to find it!

Much of the forest floor is still filled with the detritus of last fall.  Dead leaves, dead branches. I see no insects or signs of life in the dirt.

There is beauty in death as well.  Even with it's lack of color and drooping sorrow.

Last year's prickers share space with last year's vines.

Where color exists, it is only a faded memory of the brilliance of last fall.

The lichens have awakened!  Their greens and grays appear bright and happy against the still sleeping branches.

And there is life out here!  I can hear it, even when it tries to stay hidden!  Birds are everywhere.

Getting organized.  Making ready.

And something small has emerged from the ground.  It is green!  It is life!

A beautiful red-branched brier is sending forth tiny leaves.

And here, a clump of grass, fully green and dripping with the rain of life!

Spring is here!  It's just playing a game of hide and seek.

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