Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Day (or two) in the Life of my Ancestors!

While doing some genealogy this week, I found myself looking for an obituary in a small town newspaper from Coshocton, Ohio.  It took me a long time to find the obituary and so I ended up reading through every page.  Little did I know that so much was going on in the world at that time!  I thought it would be fun to share some of the articles I came across as I perused the newspaper for February 14th and 15, 1939!

(To enlarge any of these photos, click on the picture and it should enlarge in a window of its own.)

It seems the most important news of the day was that Main Street was going to get asphalt paving!  But there were other important things going on!

People were looking at other countries to know how to solve the medical needs of Americans! (You must learn to jump diagonally to follow the article.)

There were issues with Police shooting African Americans.  And discussions on Marijuana use.

And a Supreme Court Justice was in need of appointment!

Pope Pius XI had died and was being laid to rest.

Seabiscuit was running in the races!!

Apparently the filming of Gone with the Wind wasn't going quite as planned!

Influenza was making it's way through the country again.

Coca-Cola was big!  And there were ads for all sorts of other things!

Plymouth cars were a steal at $645.

I've never heard of a Graham---but it was apparently a little more upscale than a Plymouth!

There was a mighty sale on shoes!

Home improvement could be found at Montgomery Wards!

There were crossword puzzles!

And Comics!

There were cute stories about the first polar bear born in captivity!

And stories about a dog that inherits a fortune!

Bette Davis was hot at the movies!

And Rita Hayworth was looking all pretty in a bathing suit!

There were no less than 5 ads or articles about digestive issues!

And there was an advice column similar to Dear Abby.

"Courage, Not Money, Is Need Of Young Couple Facing Life"  (Young woman is afraid that $100 per month isn't enough!)

There were improvements in life saving devices!  (A sort of airbag in your swimming belt?!)

In Sports related news, Teig lost the Ping-pong tournament!

And it was newsworthy that a woman was going to be a sport editor!

Sadly and somberly, there were other articles that were a little more alarming...knowing the future World War II was just on the horizon.

Mussolini was working his magic in Italy. 

 And demanding things of France.

Things weren't going so well for Americans in China.  And Destroyers were being sent to the rescue.

World leaders were having to resign because of their "Jewish" blood.

But Hitler was making himself a very fine Chancellory in Berlin.  And here were the lovely photos of it.

And just in case you wanted to know Who's Who in Germany.  The leaders were being introduced.

It is sobering to read this news from so long ago.  At a time that was so precarious for the world.  Realizing that no one in the little town of Coshocton, Ohio really knew how bad it would get.  World War II would begin in September of this same year, when Germany attacked Poland.

It's even more sobering to wonder if future generations of people will read our internet news of today---and wonder what WE were thinking---not realizing what might be just around our corner.

I did finally find that obituary I was seeking.  It was sad to think of my ancestor's death.  And also the deaths of so many others that were soon to come.

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