Friday, April 22, 2016

Every Day a Gift! Especially Earth Day!

I knew I would receive the gift of calm.  I knew I would receive the gift of serenity.  The woods and nature always give me that.  But I had no idea that every single day, I would find something new.  Every single day a new species of animal would come near and introduce itself to me!  I had no idea this many species could exist in one small ecosystem.  In one small backyard!!

Here are some of my newest friends!  They are beautiful and amazing!  And I feel God in their presence and existence!  What beautiful creations the earth has for us!

This tiny little bird is a Palm Warbler!  It has a beautiful yellow eyebrow and yellow and brown feathers everywhere.  And it was singing its heart out this morning!

I have found 2 other warblers in my little woods.

The Yellow-rumped Warbler.  A darling little bird with spots of yellow on his head, under his wing, and on his rump!

And then there was the Golden-winged Warbler.  Distinctive because of his Lone Ranger black eye mask!  And, of course, a golden yellow patch on those lower wings!

But a new warbler wasn't my only gift today!

I looked down at the neighbor's lakefront and saw some ducks.  When I zoomed in and captured their picture, I realized they were ducks I had never see them before!

The male has a beautiful white spot on his head.

I was able to take quite a few photos of them....

But eventually, my click, click, clicking made them nervous....

And they took flight!

I came home and had to look and look on Google to find out what kind of ducks they were.  Turns out they are called Blue-winged Teal Ducks!  Apparently, the top of their wings has a large blue spot on it.  So pretty!

This is not new, but I'm good friends with the Red-bellied Woodpeckers now.  I know their call and they make it every time they come back to their tree.

But as the leaves burst out of the branches, it's getting harder to take pictures.  It's getting harder to spot where the birds are---so far away up in the branches.  Early spring is probably going to prove to be my best photography opportunity.

It was a beautiful morning in my Nature Spot.  But I was to find one more new species when I came inside!

The Pink-tongued Teal-eyed Rachael!  Who is home from college for the weekend!  Wearing Great-aunt Emma's Earth Earrings!

Happy Earth Day!!!

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