Monday, April 4, 2016

The Magic of Trying!

Last week I tried!  I put forth effort and tried to take some beautiful photographs of nature.  I tried to master (at least a little bit) the abilities of my new camera.  Since it's been years since I've had an SLR camera, I tried to relearn about F-stop, shutter speed, ISO.  I read the manual.  I watched Youtube videos.  I practiced.  I went out into nature on a rainy and cold day and tried to find beauty.  I peeked out the window and photographed bunnies in the neighbor's yard.

But I really wasn't very happy with my photographs.  I wasn't happy with how little I found to take photographs of.  The bunnies mostly ran and hid---just from seeing my black camera come up against the window.

But I should have remembered this law of the universe:  Magic happens when you TRY!

It is a wonderful law.  It happens when children suddenly learn to ride a bike after trying for days.  It happens when you finally grow a successful garden after failing the year before.  It happens when you practice and practice a piano piece and then magically your fingers know it!  It is not a steady measurement of incremental improvement.  There is something magical that happens and suddenly success explodes exponentially!

This is how I feel about this weekend's photographic efforts!  This is how I feel about this weekend's walk with nature!

I got better at photography.  It warmed up to 60 degrees on Sunday.  And nature itself came 'round in abundance to have it's picture taken!!

I will simply leave these photos as evidence:

A tiny brown creeper (also known as the American Treecreeper) climbed up the tree next to the kitchen window.

It tipped it's head closer to listen for insects.

It's fine little beak could reach into the crevices in the bark and find delicious bugs to eat!

A gray squirrel, normally very shy, posed for me for 5 minutes straight!

A ring-necked pheasant was in the neighbor's yard.

I grabbed my camera quick and shot some photos through a dirty window

Before it took flight and disappeared!

A pretty blue jay stopped by for a photo shoot!

Don't forget to capture how blue my crest is!

And please notice my beautiful black face paint!

A downy woodpecker climbed the trees in the woods to see what flavor bugs were available!

So red, it's little head!

And a very cute face!

Canadian geese swam on the lake.

A Blue Heron stepped through the reeds down at the lake.  Can you find him?  (I had to shoot through the woods from about 50 yards away, but I caught him!)

Not perfectly in focus---but still amazing to capture.

The Canadian goose came to join him on the grassy bank.

I'm not sure he liked that---because shortly after, he took flight.

And the bunnies weren't nearly so shy!

It really was a magical weekend for a nature-lover!

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