Thursday, May 12, 2016

They're On the NEST!!

Mr. Woodpecker, stuttering in the words of Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life, asks, "MmmmMary!  You on the nest?!"

And Mary Woodpecker answers, "George Bailey Woodpecker Lasso's Stork!"

Yes, it's true!  And in spite of my mixed up bird-related quotes, the Woodpeckers are indeed "On the Nest!"

I was worried lately because I hadn't seen them very often.  Mr. Woodpecker was no longer hanging about outside their little hole in the tree.  Or calling a greeting to me whenever he came home.  I even got to worrying that the owl the other night had caused irreparable damage to my good woodpecker friends!

But I shouldn't have worried.  They are just very busy keeping their eggs warm!

And the only time they are hanging around outside their little tree house is when they quickly exchange places!  One on the nest.  One looking for food.

Mary hears George come home and climbs out the front door.

She gives him a lecture on taking good care of the eggs while she is gone.  Then she flies off in search of a good meal for herself!

George gives me the evil eye for taking so many photographs and being too close.  He spends a little time assessing the threat that I am (more careful now that babies are involved!) and then decides to go inside.

He finds a sort of funny way to back himself down the tree...

a little further....

and further still...

almost there....

One more evil eye at the weird creature that click, click, clicks in his direction...

And then it's time to pop inside and keep those eggs warm!

In he goes.....but...

Wait!  One more evil eye to warn that creature off!

Good enough!

In he finally goes!

Probably hoping that the Mrs. comes back soon!

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